A new year, new passions.

I have been giving it a lot of thought as of recently, and have decided that with the new year, it is time to begin delving into my passions in a more productive way. I have attempted blogging a few times before, but I believe that my desires were a little self-absorbed. I think it’s time to share my creativity and heart with the world. These past few years have propelled me in a manner that has provided me with great growth in so many ways, and Facebook does not always provide the best outlet for my heavy opinions about hot-button topics.

I know that my opinions may not always be the most popular, or the most loved, but I do believe that part of learning my place in this world comes from developing my voice as a strong female writer, and by standing up for the beliefs I hold dear to my heart. I believe deep down that I was formed with these passions so that I could show the world a different side of things people don’t often choose to look at. And with that, I feel God has been leading me down a journey of self-discovery and freedom to show me just that.

Won’t you enjoy this ride with me? I want to be able to use this outlet to cohesively develop a strong personal voice, with a love for the weak, and a heart for others.