Labels, my fears, and my mission.

I think it’s time for me to come clean. Sometimes admitting to others that I am a follower of Jesus makes me nervous. I know the power of words, and how so often there are big labels attached to everything we know. Whether these labels and preconceived ideas are as a result of our own experiences, or stereotypes we have been exposed to, they still effect us in major ways. And I know by sharing with others my religious preferences, I open myself up for all sorts of criticism from every end of the spectrum.

But be patient with me.

Growing up, I was raised in a strong Christian household, and it has taken time for me to discover what I believe about this faith, to not simply just copy my parents blueprint, but to find my own way. The journey of life has exposed me to many people who claim the same faith, but do not bare the fruit of their following. One cannot simply claim a faith powered to change the world, but do nothing to propel that power.

Matthew 7:16 says, “by their fruit you will recognize them.” Yet, the world is overpopulated with stagnant followers, who are perfectly alright with doing nothing with their faith. Or maybe instead of allowing their lives to be blessed by the constant ebb and flow of the Holy Spirit, they choose instead to focus their time to walking around with their judgmental noses in the air. Let me tell you, I have seen all types, and nothing makes me hang my head more in shame than the bad names weak followers have given us.

Now, please do not misconstrue what I am attempting to say here. I am not trying to claim that all true Christians will be perfect, or that there are never times where I myself do not fall prey to the problems I just stated above. It has probably happened more times than I am willing to admit. But I am instead referencing a group of people who are okay claiming to be of the Word, but instead do not desire to do anything but purchase “fire-insurance” when they raise their hand in acceptance of Him.d

My friends, this is why I am afraid to tell others what I believe sometimes. With time, I am learning to open up and share my journey, but every day I live with the fear that allowing others in on this aspect of my life might make them to jump to conclusions that are not fair or true to me. Therefore, I have learned to love as fiercely and genuinely as I can, in the footsteps of the only one who was ever perfect in his earthly voyage. I hope that by spreading a little love to each person I meet, in the best way I know how, I can then allow the door to be opened in others lives to receive the same blessings I have. I never want my actions to be so judgmental that others are turned off by my attitude. After all, I have always believed in religious unity and diversity among all people. I cannot say what faith will work for you, but I can say without doubt what great blessings have been poured out in my life for my faith. And I wall always believe in religious unity (not to get too off track here, but I watched part of the interfaith ceremony after the Sand Hook shootings, and never have I ever felt so stunned and in awe that a large group of people was successfully able to unite their faiths on that night).

All I want in the future, is to be able to spread the light so that no one may doubt if I bare fresh, wholesome fruit. To spread the same love He shared, with every best intention I may. So yes, I follow Jesus, with all my heart. He makes me thirst for Him fresh every morning. After all, I have been called to a higher standard, and want to hold on tight to the promises, He has made for me. I believe in loving others, regardless of their sexual orientation, background, race, ethnicity, and beliefs. It’s not always easy, but I know that’s how He loved, and I shall not judge because that is His job.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them. This is my first real post. It is a nerve-wracking thing clicking “publish post” and knowing others might misinterpret the intent of a post, but deep down, my heart knows this is right. May you be blessed.