I’m too afraid to post this to Facebook. Afraid of the laughter and the comments when I post this. 

But one of my fears, of being someone who talks all the time as well as someone whose mind spins in circles going a million directions, is that people dismiss me for my talkative self, without seeing the bed of emotions lying beneath my surface. This world overwhelms me so many times. I feel each emotion with such grandeur, such starkness, that it’s hard to properly tell others, to make them realize how important everything is to me. How very important. 

How I see the beauty and the ugly intertwined, beauty in everything. Every, little, thing. And I think that there is such great sadness in that beauty. 

I just can’t get it all out there. That maybe those that see me don’t see me as the person I think I am. After all, perception is everything. 


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