Thoughts on my body as an awkward member of space

How much energy does every single person on this freaking planet waste trying to imagine themselves like someone else? We all compare, we all worry and fret that we aren’t like someone else, we all clang about like noisy instruments hoping to be heard, and hoping that our voice sounds most like an orchestra, but going home worrying if we sound like the recorder we couldn’t quite learn how to play in kindergarden. And that worry should be null when we factor in that most people aren’t even worried about how awkward we are, because deep down they have the same fears and worries and we all just spend our lives hoping that we can justify those worries and make them disappear into the oblivion. It’s necessary that we take less time fretting about the imaginative things others may think of us, because honestly, it’s just negative energy misplaced. I’m making a stand against feeling awkward in my own skin. Enough is enough. Power stances all the way. I will strive for this.


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