Sometimes, I wonder how I got so far in life. What pushed me to succeed when everything else in my life was pushing me down, with a millstone hanging from my neck? 

I listen to the music of the universe
and it whispers to my fingertips, 
makes them dance 
to the tug of my hearstrings
between depression
and gravity-defying joy
from oppression. 

I just want to know
what it feels like
for my heart 
to beat wildly in its cage
and then 
to be set free
to roam galaxies. 

Nothing tugs 
more than that place
I’ll never get to go
the waves
I’ll never get to ride. 

I can’t handle this anymore, this mundane life, full of too many days sprawled in front of a motion picture, my heart beating too slow. What is adventure if it only gets clogged in my cerebral cortex? 


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