I don’t care if you believe the moon is a cookie, but you damn well better be able to argue why.

I apologize for my hiatus. I have been taking some time to work on my inner self, to reflect, and to begin to come to terms with where I am in life right now. I have found some blessings in my pursuit, so it definitely wasn’t all in vain. Now I have a lot on my mind to write about. I guess it works out in the end. 

But something has been really bothering me today. Mainly, that so many people my age these days (actually people of all ages) cannot think or argue as to why they believe something. I took an intro to philosophy class this past summer, and our teacher began a discussion about whether or not gay marriage was acceptable. Now, before people become afraid as to what I will say, my answer is that it is acceptable. This guy sitting behind me copped an attitude and said “No, it’s not right.” When I questioned him as to why his reply was simply “Because.” 

I was not aware that a conjunction was a reasonable answer to an argument. 

When did we begin to stop using our heads to come up with intelligent comments? It’s not even a matter of being right and wrong here. It is about using logic to come up with reasonable propositions to back up your argument. 

I do not care if you think that the world is actually a freaking rectangle! As long as you can back up the reasons why. I know that some people attempt to come up with an argument that involves words other than “Just ‘cuz” or some other unintelligent muttering. Brownie points for at least using your brain. After that, however, the common sense a lot of the time, stops. And mostly it’s because other people do not understand how to respect others when debating. 

First of all, if you want me to take you seriously. Do not call me names or make fun of me for my beliefs. I’ll just tune you out and probably make fun of you to my friends at a later date. It is a respect thing. I am respecting you enough to engage in a conversation with you. You only reduce how smart you sound when you resort to using this as the basis for your argument. In fact, it only makes it seem as though you have nothing beneficial to say, so you just resort to name-calling because you can’t come up with anything and hate to sound wrong. It isn’t that you have to accept defeat if you feel threatened, just explain you have something to think about and walk away. No name calling needed. 

Secondly, do not use weak analogies to back up your beliefs. What I’m saying is, if you try to argue that all freshman flunk at least one class in college, don’t try to claim this is so because you have a friend that did. If you want to argue politics, don’t use facts from a side that is faithful in using propaganda to propel their ideas. Instead, try to use the most unbiased source. 

I guess, what I really hope is that people will understand how offensive it is to others who enjoy debates when they fail to try to be useful in their strategies to prove they are right. It isn’t even a matter of who is right or wrong, it is how you defend that. I don’t think there is one path in life to all things. I’m open to listening to most any idea. But have good reasons. I once had someone say they believed in cheating, which I almost laughed in response to. But then they argued for it, and gave good reasons as to why. And I couldn’t laugh anymore. I could disagree, tell others that it wasn’t for me, but she stood up for what she believed in a positive manner. 

We wonder why the world is full of religious hate and intolerance, yet we teach our children to believe as we do, without any attempt to explain to them why we believe what we believe and then give them the opportunity to make up their own mind after that. We are too afraid they will choose another path, so instead of giving them the tools to properly defend themselves, we give them guns to attack others with (metaphorically and literally speaking) and hope they pick the right targets to aim their aggression at. Then we don’t understand why a kid at school got knocked in the teeth for being gay, but hey, we taught them it’s okay “just ‘cuz”. 

So let’s talk things out. Let’s think about them before we publicly bash others for their opinions. And let’s stop being up in arms because we are being challenged to use our brains. If you don’t want me to ask why you believe something, don’t say it. Silence is golden anyways. 

After all, if we don’t know WHY we believe something, how can we even know what we are believing is right for us? 


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